at this moment in the Middle East, the financial market available to customers is faced with the least service facilities and a gambling and far from reality atmosphere prevails over the trades, this space is far from the first level of world markets and famous brokers.

Active Brokers in the Middle East region have worked extremely poor in the face of various customer demands and facilities available to them, with far-fetched promises; They intend to create an unreliable platform for traders with incorrect methods.
We don’t have any brokers like professional brokers in the world, in this region and we want to create a genuine and professional trading culture in this region.
S&B according to its experience and knowledge in the field of finance as well as professional presence in this space; Has been able to start working with the formation and operation of financial systems in this market and to gain an acceptable reputation.

These systems include brokers, hedge funds, private banks, educational and economic systems.
with these tools, we can raise capital from this market for the broker's department and be ready to enter to the clearing market by creating the infrastructure of financial systems.

The reason for our start, as a result, is the abundance of liquidity in this Gray market, but a very low valid salary. While in a Clear market this space is quite the opposite, so that liquidity in this area is low but valid.

In this process we attract capital from the Gray market and transfer the money to Europe, and by obtaining credit and obtaining credit from the Clear Market, we will show this credit to our customers again and we will attract stronger capital. This process between the Black and Clear markets will continue as long as both parties are fully at our disposal so that we can achieve our organizational goal of creating a financial ecosystem.

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