S&B money

Investment firms have different organizational structures and authorizations. S&B Money Investment Department focuses more on manufacturing projects and business start-ups in order to provide a safe profit margin for its investors. And help customers in starting, managing, expanding and etc. in their businesses. projects like production, shops, restaurant, recycling and etc.
HEDGE FUND is another S&B investment firm that focuses on financial markets and derivatives trading to be able to take advantage of profit opportunities in various markets with a team of experienced investment managers. These funds aim for higher returns than the whole economy and their competitors by taking higher risks. Another service of hedge funds is risk coverage for its customers' businesses so that sudden changes in raw material prices do not cause problems in the work process so the business owner can pay attention to the expansion of their business without worrying about price fluctuations.
INVESTMENT FUND are one of institutions that have their own perspective and method of investment and in addition to deposit accounts, they also offer investment accounts with different amounts of risk and return and are suitable for people who has a little bit of more risk tolerance. Various accounts such as fixed income, retirement, low-risk and high-risk, etc., which are actively managed by a professional team
Depository institutions are a very important part of the economy. Because by collecting unused capital of people and other organizations to invest in different sectors of the economy, which increase job opportunities and people's welfare, and with targeted investment, keep the country's economic cycle in circulation.
Deposit accounts are a great option for people who has unused capital and less risk tolerance because they are investments made in sectors that have a very low risk and high probability of success.

Plan timeframes:

1 month x% profit
3 months x% profit
6 months x& profit
9 months x% profit
12 months x% profit
The capital of each plan, according to the conditions of the contract, will be invested and managed by experts in different projects and in different time periods.

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