Risk Warning

We give technical warnings about platforms in FOREX Market and also give you advice and warnings to be sure about our counseling responsibility. By using these points, you will not have any problems.
  • You can’t make a profit in financial markets without knowledge and training because these markets are very professional, so enter these markets after being educated enough.
  • Do not open any trades with poor concentration, without emotional control and angriness, because each of these items can waste your money.
  • Do not open any trades without providing a convenient area for trading because it will influence your concentration and can waste your money.
  • Under any circumstances after your reasonable analysis, don’t pay attention to the others' analysis because this can make you stressed and waste your money.
  • Some assets like the USA index, gold, petroleum, and cryptocurrencies have high risk, so don’t enter such trades without knowledge.
  • Be careful about transferring money by cryptocurrencies, don’t transfer any amount of money without certainty.
  • If you lost your money in financial markets, try to keep calm and don’t make any immediate and irrational decisions, as you will destroy your asset because of a sense of revenge.

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