Our Slogan

      We Never Sleep

        Everyone needs society, and society needs people, and by putting these people together, a team forms.

        Now, if this group, in addition to physical affiliations, is also spiritually connected to each other, the group becomes a family and we're trying to form and maintain this family

        But the meaning of NEVER SLEEP can have two general directions:
        1. Constant effort and struggle and desires and aspirations and confronting laziness
        2. Achieving an awareness and avoiding neglect and lack of information
        Now we have to say that we have reached these two perfections individually in the first place and then we have brought the group to this position and in the next step, we will influence the society.

        So the whole slogan is summarized in three parts:
        1. Family and team
        2. Continuous effort
        3. Awareness and knowledge
        we must, without interruption and regardless of any time and place limitations, have all our individual efforts to improve our physical and mental levels until we can raise the level of our team and family, by raising the level of the team, we can raise the community to a position

        So let us, together, form a group of individuals as a family and a community so that we can contribute to the outward and inward development of the whole universe, which requires a relentless effort to achieve this goal with full awareness.

        You can ask any question you have