Risk Warning

In addition to announcing technical warnings about Forex trading platforms, we have given you some advice and warnings in this text to make sure you have the responsibility of providing compassionate that we advice you.In these cases, We will consider some issues that if you observe them ; You will not have any problems.
  • Always be aware that financial markets are a very professional space that cannot be profited from without sufficient knowledge and practice. So please enter to these markets with enough knowledge.
  •  Do not enter into any trade without having a state of concentration and without controlling your emotions and feelings of anger, because even one of these cases will take all your money away from you. 
  • Never enter any position without providing a suitable place for trading, because not having a suitable place is exactly directly related to lack of concentration and without focus you will destroys your all money. 
  • In no case, after your own logical analysis, do not pay attention to the analysis of others, because this will cause your anxiety , and this will cause the loss of your money. 
  •  Some assets, such as USA index and stocks, gold, oil and cryptocurrency indices are high risk, so never enter into trading these assets without proper knowledge and awareness. 
  •  Be very careful in transferring money through crypto and do not send any amount without sufficient confidence. 
  •  In case of loss for your money, try to control your nerves and do not make any immediate and irrational decisions to do not destroy all your property by your own hands with a sense of revenge.

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