Account Type

Custom account

We have provided you with a very flexible space with a custom account so that you can choose the terms of the account according to your wishes and tastes.

Credit account

In this account, with special acceptance conditions, you can buy an account with a drop of ten to fifty percent below the price.

Insurance account

In this account, you pay a certain fee to insure your account against anything that might threaten it.

Barter account

In this account, you can exchange an account with special conditions, with precious objects such as real estate, cars, gold and jewelry that you have.

Corporate account

In this account, we provide special and professional services to large organizations and companies that are at their level.

Transfer account

In this account, we have the ability to transfer all your positions and transactions in the broker and other organizations to our broker through special negotiations.

Rent account

In this account, you can rent an account from our organization by paying a monthly fee and you can earn profit from it.

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