IB Services

1. Dashboard
In this part, we provide different services like technical and financial reports to IBs by various tools to have no errors in their decision-making and improve their work, marketing, and sales efficiency through a professional process.
2. Signaling management
Most IBS utilize signaling and showing their real accounts to acquire users, and we can help them with this issue.
3. Risk Management 
Most brokers use the C’book method to gain more profit so that whenever the user makes a profit, they connect the position to the LP, and whenever the user makes a loss, they connect the positions to their pool to gain profit from the loss of user, just same as all LPs. This is risk management in the brokerage industry. We, as a professional broker, also utilize this method and allow other professional IBs to gain access to this method.
4. Educating 
All IBs need to learn various things like oratory, body language, marketing, and information about financial systems, especially the brokerage system. We help them in this process by using different ways.
5. Marketing
We help IBs with their needs in digital marketing and different marketing ways to acquire users.
Launching website
Some IBs need a specialized website to acquire and educate users so we can help them with the IT section and content providing.
6. Content providing
Most IBs need new professional content in managing social media and improving their scientific level. By doing this, they will not get away from the centric level of the financial market.
7.  Social media management
Most IBs need social media to acquire users so we will help them with this issue.
8. Expert robot sales
In the fintech industry, trading and analytical tools such as some robots were invented to replace humans. We help IBs with technical issues by providing them with these robots.
9. Recreational educational courses
In the trading world, because of the tense work atmosphere of finance, there is a need for scientific and recreational journeys to acquire individuals and manage them. We hold such tours to alleviate the hard work of IBs and help them to concentrate on their profession.
10. Opening account
Some IBs are not satisfied with their position and are seeking higher-level systems, so we can help them to run such systems.
11. Expert support
IBS need some people to consult with them for their trades, analyses, and marketing, so we provide expert support to IBs in this way.
12. Debit card
Regarding our contracts with banks and some financial organizations, our organization can provide IBs with debit cards as gifts so that the IBS can manage some of their Financial issues with these cards.
13. Trading tools
Nowadays, some tools have been invented through the sciences of IT and financial mathematics to help traders with trades, analysis, and all Financial issues. So we provide IBs with some tools as trad supplements.
14. Specialized wallets
we provide more securities for IBs by creating specialized wallets so that they can manage their financial issues.
15. Marketing packs
In this pack, we give IBs a set of things that a trader can use, like a hat, t-shirt, glass, pen, notebook, etc. 
16. Physical office
We can provide IBs, which have the ability of marketing and professional management, with a physical office to trade and train and do other professional jobs.
17. Trading facilities
There are some facilities, especially for traders, that we can purchase for IBs and give them.
18. Website establishment
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Some IBs need a specialized website for discussing training and attracting users, which we can help them both in the IT department and in the scenario writing department of content creation.
19. Research and development services
In order to improve their performance and how to provide services and service quality, IBs are forced to research the issues of daily finance. Improve yourself.

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